Governor Proclaims September 27 “Gold Star Families Day”

WHEREAS: America’s Gold Star Mothers have long borne the hardships of war with dignity and devotion while watching their sons or daughters serve; and WHEREAS: The name Gold Star Mothers was derived from the custom of military families who put a service flag near their front window; and WHEREAS: These flags featured a blue star
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Governor Proclaims September 18th “POW-MIA Day”

WHEREAS:  More than 125,000 American men and women have been held captive by hostile powers during their military service, WHEREAS:  Throughout American history, generations of patriots have bravely served in our military and sacrificed much to protect our country and preserve democracy around the world; and WHEREAS: Some of those brave men and women who
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"U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur signs the Japanese surrender documents, Sept. 2, 1945, aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, formally ending World War II. Standing  behind him are Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright, left foreground, who surrendered Bataan to the Japanese, and British Lt. Gen. A. E. Percival, next to Wainwright, who surrendered Singapore, as they witness the ceremony with other American and British officers. (AP Photo/Frank Filan)"

70 Years Ago Today: WWII Officially Ends in the Pacific

The 70th anniversary of the end of World War II is noted today. Victory over Japan, or V-J Day, was on August 14, 1945. A formal surrender ceremony was held on September 2, which President Truman officially declared V-J Day. Salem sailor Dave Whelan was aboard a US Navy ship anchored near the USS Missouri in Tokyo
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Oregon Veteran Community Conversations

Follow Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs Director Cameron Smith as he travels throughout the state and take the survey to lend your voice to the conversation:


ODVA Seeks Applications for Advisory Committee

For the first time in the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs (ODVA) 70 year history, our state is striving to serve veterans spanning four generations and five major wars.  No one organization can single-handedly address the needs of veterans in Oregon – it takes the work and collaboration of our cross-community partners. One of those core
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VA statement on today’s Supreme Court decision

VA is strongly committed to providing Veterans and their families the care and benefits they have earned and deserve. Our commitment to our Veterans and their families will continue to be our focus as we work to comply with today’s Supreme Court decision. VA will review relevant statutes and policies to implement any necessary changes
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VA Expands Disability Benefits for Air Force Personnel

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today published a new regulation that expands eligibility for some benefits for a select group of Air Force Veterans and Air Force Reserve personnel who were exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange through regular and repeated contact with contaminated C-123 aircraft that had been used in Vietnam
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ODVA 70th Anniversary

  Governor Kate Brown stopped by to say a few words about ODVA’s 70th anniversary and assist Director Cameron Smith with the ceremonial cake-cutting (complete with sword!) Joining the cake cutting were ODVA’s longest-tenured and newest employees, Mary Dirks (38 years) and Diana Sullivan (1 month).


Harlan Roth: “They were still so thankful years after Americans freed them from the Japanese.”

Like so many young men his age following the outbreak of World War II, Harlan Roth wanted to do his part for the war effort.  He was an anxious 18 year-old from the heartland of America; Hemingford, Neb., but his entry in military service was not immediate. It was two years after graduating high school,
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Keith Zilk: “What are you doing here?”

Two months before Keith Zilk was scheduled to graduate from a two-year Photography School, he received a draft notice. Luckily, he was able to appeal to the draft board and they delayed his induction date to accommodate graduation. Keith was assigned to the 40th Infantry division. During the interview process, he made it known that
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