Oregon WWII Memorial: What Will We Give?


SALEM – Nearly two years after hundreds gathered to witness the groundbreaking of Oregon’s World War II Memorial, construction is now underway to complete it on the grounds of the state capitol.

Today, March third, signals the launch of the final crowdfunding campaign by the Oregon World War II Memorial Foundation to ask every Oregonian to contribute what they can to help complete the memorial and bring it alive by linking it with stories of Oregonians on the battlefield and the home front. 

In 2011, the Oregon Legislature authorized an official Oregon World War II Memorial to be built on the capitol grounds.  The memorial foundation is the non-profit organization charged with raising private funds to build the memorial and to unify Oregon communities to honor their veterans from that era, and the generation of people who supported the war effort on the home front.

“Our agency has been working for several years with a group of committed Oregonians to build a World War II Memorial on the capitol grounds in Salem” said Cameron Smith, the director of the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

“Oregon is one of only six states that did not have one, and we needed to fix that.  Now Oregonians can help with this last effort by sharing this message via their social networks and help it go viral” Smith said.

This memorial will commemorate and honor the service of more than 152,000 Oregon men and women of the armed forces, the support of countless civilians on the home front, and the ultimate sacrifice of more than 3,750 Oregonians who gave their lives during the war.

Through the generosity of hundreds of people, the memorial committee determined they were close enough to the $1.2 million goal to break ground on the memorial site in early-February.  However, WWII Memorial Foundation President Lou Jaffe said there is still some work to be done and the fundraising isn’t over.

“We still need the help of every Oregonian to make this last push for funding to be successful” Jaffe said.

To find more information or to donate today to the Oregon World War II Memorial, visit or