Veterans Preference  Veterans and disabled veterans receive preference when applying for state, county and local government jobs in Oregon.

 5-Point Veterans’ Preference  Veterans who provide proof of their veteran status when applying for public employment will receive a 5-point preference. This preference is added to the total possible points based on your qualifications for the job. This preference is also applicable when being considered for promotions.

 10-Point Disabled Veterans’ Preference  Disabled veterans who provide proof of their service-connected disability when applying for a government job will receive a 10-point preference.

To prove your veteran or disabled veteran status, please provide a copy of your DD-214 and/or a service-connected disability rating letter from the VA.
State Benefit.  Contact ODVA with questions.

Direct Professional Licensing for Military Experience  An Oregon law passed by the 2012 Legislature was designed to quickly get service members back to work after serving in the military. This statute requires certain professional licensing agencies and boards in Oregon to accept military training or experience as an acceptable substitution for education or experience required for licensure, certification or registration. The bill eliminates the need for veterans to go back to school for training that they have already received in the military, saving time and money.

Requirements that must be met in addition to the military education or experience are outlined by professions specified in the bill. These professions include: private security professional, teacher, engineer, land surveyor, psychologist, occupational therapist, occupational therapy assistant, physician assistant, nursing assistant, denture technology, chiropractor, physical therapist, radiologist, hemodialysis technician, athletic trainer, respiratory care, polysomnographic technologist, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, cosmetologist, mortician, embalmer, polygraph examiner, private investigator, and commercial driver.
State Benefit.  Contact ODVA with questions.

Public Employment Interviews  In 2011 the Legislature passed HB 3207, which mandates public employers to interview veterans for positions if the veteran can prove their military education and skills meet the minimum qualifications and desired attributes of the position. The intention of this statute is to get veterans into interviews with hiring managers so veterans can prove they are qualified.  It is the responsibility of the veteran to plainly demonstrate through the application process that their experience in the military qualifies them for the position they are seeking.
State Benefit.  Contact ODVA with questions.

Oregon Disabled Veterans’ and Veteran Employment Representatives  Veterans can find employment information, education and training opportunities, job counseling, job search workshops, and resume preparation assistance at state Workforce Career or One-Stop Centers through the Employment Department.  These offices have specialists who work directly with veterans and disabled veterans to find employment.   Disabled Veterans´ Outreach Program Specialists (DVOP) and Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVER) assist veterans in applying for federal, state, local government and private sector employment and have offices to serve all veterans in more than 20 Oregon cities.
State Benefit.  To find a veteran representative, please visit the Employment website.

Veterans Day Off Senate Bill 1, passed during the 2013 Regular Session, requires employers to offer paid or unpaid time off on Veterans Day to employees who are veterans of the Armed Forces.  Notice must be given by a veteran 21 days in advance of Veterans Day.
State Benefit.  To find out more, please speak with your company’s HR department.

Find employers who value the skills of veterans  Employers from around the country are looking for skilled and dedicated employees to join their ranks and they have noticed that veterans fit that bill.  Below are some of the more useful and popular websites that feature employers who are specifically looking to hiring veterans, like you.